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A disruptive Science based EdTech initiative to inspire the young generation to become scientists and engineers empowered with 21st century skills and an innovative mindset. Using space science as a vector for immersion and engagement.

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The Need

As global citizens we are faced with problems like hunger, lack of basic health facilities, poor quality of education and low literacy rate, an abundance of food wastage, trash management issues and climate change. There is a dire need of inspiring children to become scientists and engineers to solve these problems. It is the passionate, educated, STEM skilled workforce who will solve the problems like the #Covid19 pandemic across the globe.

Our Mission

To mobilize the youth and create a drive to develop solutions that cater to the 17 UN SDGs and 14 GECs. We offer sensory-rich, hands-on, scenario-based experiences by employing STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Art Math), IBSE (Inquiry-Based Science Education) & PBL (Project Based Learning) methodologies to cater to students, teachers and professionals alike.

We cater to the following UN Sustainable Development Goals & Grand Challenges for Engineering

Quality Education

We’re providing affordable quality education available for all students, from all backgrounds and syllabi. Our programs and material have been validated in public and private education institutions. Through the digitizing of our programs, we’re reaching out to as many students around the world as possible.

Gender Equality

PSSEC, a woman-led initiative, thrives on providing girls with equal access to STEM education opportunities. Furthermore, 50% of our educator team and workshop participants are girls. We're enabling girls to become comfortable in the use of technology and change the paradigm of sciences, robotics and engineering, being male-dominated fields.

Decent Work & Economic Growth

By hiring mostly fresh graduates we're substantially reducing the proportion of unemployed youth. Policies at PSSEC are focused on supporting productive activities and expressing creativity and innovation. Through diversification, use of the latest tech tools and focusing on the education sector we're able to achieve higher levels of economic productivity.

Partnership for the Goals

By working closely with our Australian, South East Asian and Western partners we're able to effectively work towards and implement our highlighted sustainable development goals. Coming from a developing country, our partnerships with developed countries allow us to build each other up by mobilising our respective experience, technological advancements and strategies for mutual benefit. Our domestic public-private, public and civil society partnerships (multi-stakeholder partnerships) empower us to help local organisations achieve their goals.

Engineer the Tools for Scientific Discovery

We're building towards a future where engineers will continue to work alongside scientists to answer mankind's greatest questions. Through our hands-on workshops, we're enabling the younger generation to understand this relationship that allows humans to keep moving forward scientifically and technologically. The students must take up these roles responsibly in the future to carry out experiments and missions of exploration and participate in the scientific process of discovery.

Our Partners and Clients



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Great Customer Service

I really like the work that they do. Their service, and customer relationship is everything.

Furqan Kareem

Really awesome work!

Really awesome work! Kudos to them!

Ahsan Ahmed

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